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Kevin Brown Below you will find general information on advertising with us.

The Bayshore Broadcasting family of Radio stations are committed to serving and staying connected to our communities. We are all about personality - engaging and connecting with listeners and the communities we serve. Our clients and partners benefit from custom and targeted marketing solutions making Bayshore Radio the single service solutions provider for advertisers within our market areas.

I would invite you to check out some new ideas on the Radio Sales Today Archive by clicking here. You'll find timely marketing news, money making promotions, sales tips, and super-hot news about consumer behavior from past issues of RAB's daily newsletter.

If you have any questions on any of this material, or how we can help you grow your business, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown
VP Sales and Marketing
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Why Advertise with Bayshore

Leading Marketing and Advertising professionals say that radio works on a subconscious or unconscious level. People remember the ad, but not always that they heard it on the radio.

Regardless, radio should not be ignored because it does work.

Advertising Experts will tell you radio is often the very best medium to reach a local market!


We are On Air, Online, and on Target!

Here are the Top 10 reasons why radio works to build your business:

FrequencyLoyaltoCreative Flexibility
EngagementCost Effectiveness

If you want more detailed information on each of these reasons, please feel free to download this pdf. And if you have any further questions - just ask!

A final note: radio is subconscious,
so keep that in mind when crafting your ad.

  • Repeat your business name a lot and any other branding info, so it gets into your customers' heads.
  • Don't put in phone numbers.
  • Push your website domain name and repeat that.
  • Remember to create "pictures" whenever possible. We want to ensure your investment pays off for you!

Why Advertise with Bayshore Broadcasting?

Bayshore Broadcasting is all of the above, and more.
We are uniquely positioned to connect existing and potential customers with your business on a very Local or Regional basis.

Sunshine 89, 98 the Beach, 97.7 the Beach, 104.9 the Beach

Put your message on "The Beach' and reach....

Bruce, Huron, Grey and Simcoe County residents.
Efficiently & Effectively within strong economical markets.
Adults with disposable income.
Cottagers & Tourists. Thousands that can hear your message!
High income earners and retirees!

Bayshore Broadcasting makes it easy for you to economically reach "The New Muskoka" through all of their Radio properties including Owen Sound, Orillia and the Beach Network.

You can purchase any of our stations on their own at very economical rates or combine them with other Owen Sound or Beach Stations to efficiently extend your reach into these lucrative markets.

Covering over 300 miles of shoreline and beaches

Sunshine 89 and the "Beach Network" cover all of
Cottage Country right from Grand Bend up the Lake Huron Shoreline
and across Georgian Bay into Muskoka.

Market Sizes A12+ (estimates) of the Beach Stations:

  • Simcoe County SW 229,246
  • Huron County 53,411
  • Bruce County 60,185

The year round tourist audience of these stations provides additional reach beyond these traditional local market numbers.

Beach Radio and Sunshine 89 are your cost effective communication medium. They allows you to deliver more messages, more often, to more people resulting in greater top of mind awareness for your business, product or service.


Coverage Map

Bayshore Broadcasting Coverage Map


Consider the following strengths, unique to Bayshore!

We are the best at what we do!

Award Winning Creative
  • Our News Centre is the largest newsroom in Ontario north of the GTA and has won the Byron MacGregor Award for Best Newscast, Small Market SIX years in a row!
  • Our Creative Department has been recognized with a Crystal Award for excellence in radio creative.
  • We have been recognized for our community service with three major Community Service Awards and one Honorable Mention from the Ontario Association of Broadcasters. (First Place Radio Small Market: "Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrows 2010" and "Hope for a Child's Future 2014" as well as an Hon. Mention for "Mix 106.5's 30 Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 2013"), and the Owen Sound Arson Fundraiser 2015.


We strongly support non-profit initiatives and other community events

Serving the community
  • Coming Event listings and Community Calendar features, both on-air and online, are available at discounted rates for community groups and causes to build awareness.
  • Non-profit Group Campaigns can take that awareness to the next level. These include:
    • 12 x 10-second announcements within the Coming Events or Community Calendar features on the station of your choice
    • 12 x 30-second commercial messages airing between Noon and Midnight on the station of your choice
    • Depending on advance notice, we may also be able to add ticket giveaways, on-air interviews, and additional live ad-libs for your event
  • Full Station Event Sponsorships are also available. Your marketing rep can explain further how this would work for your event or organization - just ask!


We deliver the most important demographic for business success today - WOMEN!

Statistics on the power and influence of WOMEN in today's marketplace are astounding and undeniable.

  • There are 5 distinct groups of women consumers - are you reaching all of them?
    • 7% are Emerging Consumers - Not working full-time yet but forming key spending habits
    • 10% are New Earners - With more discretionary income and described as "Canada's most powerful consumers"
    • 30% are Mothers with children under 18 - Their spending habits have likely changed dramatically due to household demands. They are the Chief Purchasing Officers of their households!
    • 22% are the Established - Women with no young children at home and lots of spending power.
    • 31% are the Silver Spenders - Women 55+, who have the highest average income and indulge most in leisure spending. (Globe and Mail)

  • Women SpendersAccording to MasterCard and Environics Research Group... 96% of all Canadian Women living with a spouse or partner say they are the primary decision maker in household spending! 55% say they are the sole financial decision maker. (Marketing Daily)
  • Women influence 85% of all car-buying decisions! (National Post)
  • 58% of all Canadian women describe themselves as "spenders" versus "savers." (Marketing Daily)



We offer weekly advertising sponsorships to help you target consumers by attaching your brand to a unique feature


Bayshore gets results.

We target and reach your customers!We focus on growing your business!Our goal is to build your bottom line!We support our Communities and we are truly local!


Many of our Customers have told us that using Bayshore Broadcasting was one of the very best things they have done for their Business!

We believe that we must truly understand your goals and objectives before attempting to sell you advertising. The information above is just the beginning of what Bayshore Broadcasting can do to market and grow your business!

It is our policy that a Bayshore Broadcasting Marketing Consultant will interview you to learn about your goals and objectives. If there is a fit, they will customize a marketing campaign designed to address your business goals.

Contact us today at [email protected]!

We look forward to working with you!

Bayshore Broadcasting is 560 CFOS, Mix 106.5, Country 93, 98 the Beach, 97.7 the Beach, 104.9 the Beach, and Sunshine 89

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