Sunshine 89

Sunshine 89

Brian Heyworth

Swing Host

Tell us about yourself:   Why??? who's asking??

O.K. ...Born and raised and still residing in Barrie (I remember when Orillia had a larger population than Barrie- seriously.) Aside from a brief stint in Toronto, have always been a broadcaster (yes, that's the term I use) in the Central Ontario Market since 1980... I was 5       (that's a total lie...! Was about 17)

I'm married (sorry ladies... and some guys) 4 children... that I know of. I enjoy horseback riding, long walks on the beach, gardening  (oh sorry... that's my dating profile bio). I'm a competitive bodybuilder/weightlifter and own a recording voiceover business and studio. If you want to know more, tune into Sunshine 89 Saturday/Sunday afternoons or whenever the mood hits me.

Born: Jan 22... I won't say the year but Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs were #1 on the charts with "Sugar Shack"

Real ambition: Rhythm guitarist with Styx

Favourite word/phrase/quote: "I dunno... where do YOU wanna eat"

First Job in Broadcasting: the OLD Chay FM (I had to learn to tolerate "beautiful music" at 17)

Indulgence: Liver, with some fava beans and a nice Chianti or to drink the blood of my enemies from a skull.

What you love about being on the radio: Free A/C... Free Wifi and they don't charge us for toilet paper - SCORE !

Hidden talent: Cooking/Baking

You won't believe this but: I spent several years (years ago) as an auxiliary Police constable with the OPP

Pets: Charlie - Our 13 year old (central alarm system) Golden retriever - burglars may trip over him.

Favourite place in Orillia:  Mariposa Market Place (straight to my thighs, baby)

If I could change the world: The world would put to practice the lyrics to "Imagine" by John Lennon



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