Sunshine 89

Sunshine 89

Paulina Milan

Evening and Weekend Host

Tell us about yourself: Where to start... Born just outside of the Niagara region, but moved to St. Catharines when I was two. Grew up loving animals (specifically cats), Disney, talking and food. Started developing a passion for music and technology as I got older. Spent a lot of time writing and singing. Decided after high school that broadcasting is what I should spend my life doing.

So I went to Niagara College for Broadcasting: Radio, Television and Film. Started off wanting to be as far away from the spot light as possible, then one day I looked in the mirror and though, 'who are you kidding- you never shut up!', so I jumped in front of a mic going into my second year and fell in love from there. Worked at an EB Games for over two years while in college and that combination really shaped who I am. I have a deep love for anything 'nerdy' (video games, conventions, cosplaying, comics and of course the movies and television shows both live action and animated), and I am not afraid to show it. I love makeup just as much (SFX and regular).
I am finally stepping into the radio world and I could not be happier doing it with Bayshore. They're helping me feel right at home, and they are a great second family to me! :)

Born: December 5th in Hamilton, ON

Real ambition: To be a Disney princess and a DC comic book character.

Last purchase: Jolly Ranchers and an orange San Pellegrino (the best candy out there- don't fight me on it.)

Favourite word/phrase/quote: It's a tie between:
“Breath and focus Dragonborn. Your future lies before you” - Airngeir, Master Greybeard (Skyrim)
“Dude, suckin' at something is the first step to being sorta good at something” -Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)

First Job: Tim Hortons for 2 & ½ years (I know, I am so Canadian)

Before Here: In school for Broadcasting- Radio, Televiaion and Film back in the Niagara Region.

Indulgence: Any kind of gummy sweet. (Neon worms are top of the list) and saving the animals.

Hidden talent: I am very talented at SFX makeup (or so I have been told.)

Unverified claim to fame: I was the St. Catharines Canadian Polish Society's Princess Polonia in 2004. (Yeah, that does make me a princess)

Pets: My fat grey tabby cat Waffles, (yes that is his name) and my blue and purple beta fish Albert.

Favourite place: Being snuggled up with my cat and a good book.

If I could change the world: No animals would be endangered and all homeless pets/people would have a home.



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